Formula IC

The Formula ICE team builds and races a formula car each year at SAE Collegiate Design Series Formula Student Competition.

Weekly Meetings: Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm, Saturday 10am at JMP1225

Team Formula is a student-led team based in and out of class to design, construct, test, and race a formula race car in national FSAE events. The team is made up of six subteams:

Powertrain: Designs the engine and drivetrain of the car, tests the car on the Dynamometer. 

Vehicle Dynamics: Leads suspension and steering design, runs simulations and testing using software programs such as Matlab and Lotus Shark, and tests suspension kinematics and compliance. 

Aerodynamics: Applies principles of low speed, high-downforce aerodynamics as well as vehicle dynamics to design, analyze, and test a well integrated aerodynamic package into the Terps Racing FSAE vehicle. 

Mechanical Design: Designs the structural members of the car and integrates the other subsystems into the car's body. 

Composites: Build lightweight composite parts that will go on the Formula car. This includes body panels, under-tray, front and rear wings, and many other parts.

Electronics:  Deliver power to various electrical components on the vehicle, and connect all of the sensing equipment on the vehicle to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and Dash.