Formula EV


Terps Racing Formula EV is the newest branch of the Terps Racing team, founded in 2019.

Our team is faced with a modern challenge: convert the classic formula-style experience that has been around for decades into something sustainable and clean. With a fully electric, performance-oriented platform, Terps Racing’s Formula SAE Electric contender is designed to push the limits of what is currently possible in electric racing. Powered by a custom battery pack and 3 phase electric motor, this year’s vehicle outputs over 55 kilowatts at the driveshaft. With a dedicated aerodynamics package and independent front and rear suspension,our vehicle remains planted at speeds in excess of 100km/h through the tight turns of a race track.

TREV 1 at Formula SAE EV 2023

The formula EV team is unique in that it is a relatively new team — we have yet to compete dynamically at an FSAE tournament. This provides us with the opportunity to learn from and develop our own variation on the design processes which Formula ICE and Baja have been iterating upon for years, and develop a product and a team that push the envelope of sustainable design. We hope to act as the foundation for the next generation of automotive design, with our work paving the road towards the future of clean vehicles. 

TREV 1 at Michigan International Speedway




We are always looking for new members! Students of any major or class standing are welcome, as long as you are hard-working and willing to learn and work in a team environment towards our goals. This includes, but is not limited to, engineering, business, and graphic design. If you are interested, you can email us or come to one of our meetings!

We meet from 6-8 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Cypress Building.

Our team at FSAE EV 2023


In addition to Terps Racing's general sponsors, Formula EV would like to especially thank a few more sponsors.

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If you are interested in helping us build the racecar of the future, please check out our sponsorship packet. If you have any questions about sponsorship, please email


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